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I like​...

impulse-buying pretty things,

traveling to cities all over the world,

the feeling of soreness after pilates,

being drenched in sweat after Soul-cycle,

food, drink, and fun conversation with people I love,

drinking a strong americano as an afternoon pick-me-up,

& exploring myself as a designer.


Hello there 👋🏻

I am a senior designer who believes in the power of thoughtful creations. I dedicate my time towards creating the human-centered and lighthearted design. I enjoy working with branding, visual and product design, color, typography, and UI/UX.

Prior to becoming a full-time designer in the US, I instructed university students on graphic design and branding in South Korea.

I also love to exploring the world, encountering different cultures, and meeting new people.

I am passionate about communication and enjoy facilitating discussion. For design inquiries, please contact

About Sunjung

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