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Visual design / Branding / Digital design

Every year, Qualys participates in innumerable IT security-related conferences globally. In addition, they hold their own conference in Las Vegas, named QSC. Each year, I create the conference branding from conceptualization to completion.


For the conferences held by other companies, I create promotional assets based on the instructions for each unique booth format and sign designs. In previous years, I have participated in conferences with Google Cloud Next, IBM, AWS, and more.


Qualys Security Conference: QSC happens every year in Las Vegas. I design the conference stage, signs, Q&A center booth, and other promotional materials, both digital and printed. I create and execute conference branding with the creative director.


On this page, I present two of the main conferences - BlackHat 2019 and QSC 2018

QSC 2018

The Qualys Security Conference is an annual event for Qualys customers where attendees learn about Qualys products, watch demos, and listen to keynotes by industry leaders. Over 700 people attended QSC 2018.


I created the design theme, conference concepts and artwork for the 7-city show. Deliverables included all the signage, wayfinding meters, and stage backdrops as well as the conference brochure, conference movie, and other promotional swag.

Email campaign

QSC18 conference homepage & icon designs

QSC18 conference reception & welcome arch

QSC18 conference signages 

QSC18 conference stage & presentation design

QSC18 conference guidebook design