The goal of this MFA design project was to pick a defunct or dying company and do a complete rebrand while staying true to the original vision and soul of the company. I chose the National Geographic Society because of the prestige of the brand and to explore the possibilities that a rebranding would offer to a contemporary audience. 

This rebranding effort is to remind people that National Geographic's faith “in the power of science, exploration and storytelling to change the world" is still relevant. I also wanted to call attention to their ongoing efforts to protect the environment and to work for the advancement of science and education. 

With the new approach, the NGS will maintain their non-commercial brand position, which was an initial goal of the company; they will also continue the various explorations that have made them a leader in the field. 


This project included the creation of three books (the NGS visual strategy guide, the NGS visual development guide, and the NGS visual guidelines) and a website that presents future NGS projects as well as the new visual identity. 


Branding, logo design, visual design


Visual guidelines, logo design, website


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