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Enhance safe access, educate people about cannabis as a tool for wellness, and drive smart cannabis policies.


Enjoy the moments






Branding, Visual design

Five months

Eaze Growth team

Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Wix, Invision Studio

Eaze works to achieve its mission by connecting adult consumers with licensed dispensaries and products; programs to help consumers make informed choices, and sharing market insights with industry partners, regulators, and the public through its Eaze Insights program.


During my internship at Eaze, I created promotional landing pages, web banners, and paid acquisitions including Facebook Ads, Google Adwords, and other web-based promotions. I also worked on printed materials such as door hangers and referral cards. Since I was the sole designer on the Growth team, I had a lot of flexibility to create visual assets and I took on the workload of a full-time designer. 

I still maintain a good relationship with my manager and the team director at Eaze, and I continue to work on some of their projects on the side.


Landing pages

I was often asked to create promotional landing pages based on the Growth team’s marketing strategy. The big challenge was to create them without using the words ‘marijuana’ or ‘dispensaries’ so it could be used with Google Adwords and other digital platforms without being censored. 

Below are three successful landing pages: Eaze drivers recruit page, and Eaze concierge, that still live on the internet.

Spread Eaze in the internet 

Group 4.png
Group 5.png

Eaze needed a promotional micro-site that would connect Google AdWords to Eaze needed a promotional micro-site that would connect Google AdWords to the Eaze Driver application site. The landing was a success, and it's now getting 130k visitors daily.


The team gave me a brief concept along with the content for the website. I was given a lot of creative control, which I loved. I created 3 design options, the team chose their favorite one, and then I finalized the design.


When we created the page, I made it as simple as possible because we wanted the site to be a bridge from AdWords to the driver application. The page only has 3 parts: the Hero shot, information about the job and benefits, and a testimonial. The goal of the design was to show users that anyone can be a delivery driver for Eaze.

I redesigned the site which connects affiliate traffic to the main Eaze site, to be more on-brand and increase the sign-up conversion rate.

screen_14 copy.png

Eaze Concierge

Eaze Concierge also facilitates an increase in users on the Eaze commercial website. The page also directly connects the customers to customer service by clicking on the CALL NOW button.

screen_14 copy 3.png


Social media ad & digital campaigns

Get closer to the public

Facebook & twitter ad and posts

During the internship, I designed various social ad campaigns, such as Facebook and Twitter ads and posts. Similar to designing the promotional landing pages, one challenge was to create them without using the words ‘marijuana’ or ‘dispensary’ so that Facebook wouldn’t block them. Inline with that reason, I also wanted to make the ads look softer, healthy and enjoyable.

Group 8.png
3. Snippet.png
Group 2.png

Web banners

I worked on various types and sizes of web banners for a lot of affiliate websites. It was important to follow the guidelines which were provided by the websites. In this case, unlike the major social media ads, I had more freedom to show images of the plant and utilize marijuana terminology directly. 

Group 10.png

Email design


For the drivers

Designing emails for Eaze drivers

I created email templates for Eaze drivers with the Growth Team’s General manager of Strategy and Operations. He asked me to design emails for the drivers with a template that was distinct to the one used for Eaze marketing emails. So I focused more on delivering details and information of what the drivers should know rather than adding ornate visual elements.

Group 11.png


Printed promotional materials

Meet people directly 

Referral cards

Eaze referral cards are designed for the Christmas season. They put the card into the delivery bag so the customers can share it with their friends. The front of the card has promotional information and the backside details the discounts.


The team initially asked me to design the referral cards but I thought that the card could be lost without a cardholder. I added the cardholder to make it more likely that customers receive and acknowledge the card. We were able to take advantage of the extra space and to add more information to the cardholder as well.

Group 12.png

Direct mail

Although I mainly work for the Growth team, I also contributed to the Marketing team depending on their needs. The Marketing team asked me to design their seasonal direct mails by using the latest photoshoot. I proposed several different options so they had an opportunity to choose the best ones according to their preferences.

Group 3.png

Door hangers

The growth team planned to use door hangers as a promotional campaign. I suggested several options and we narrowed down to the final one together. I was recognized by the team leader for proactively reaching out to vendors and procuring samples that streamlined the project. Although we couldn’t move forward with the release because of an official ban of marijuana door hanger promotions, the director praised my efforts for the project with the team.


Internal posters

One of the directors of the Growth team asked me to design internal posters by using a certain word: PERFECT which means Products, Easy, Reliable, Fast, Enjoy the moment, Come back and Tell your friends. It was a great opportunity to design for the internal employees to empower them by using my skill sets. 




Unforgettable internship

The best part of the internship was the work made me feel like a full-fledged designer. The team members were all respectful of my learning curve when we worked together and they believed in me and published what I created for their strategy.


Working with the Growth team was also a great opportunity because I learned how to work based on data and how to deal with a fast-paced workload. This has amplified my need to take a strategic approach in a subjective field. 

Since my internship was right before the government legalized recreational marijuana use, there were so many regulations and some marketing and growth strategies were banned right after we planned them out. So dealing with the situation made me a designer who is always ready to shift gears.


Moreover, I think the best part of the internship was the people. They are great and I am still in touch with the team and the managers and I sometimes work on their projects on the side. 


Last but not least, one thing that made the internship really unforgettable was when I gave a speech in front of hundreds of Korean designers in the Bay Area about my internship experience at this company. There is a big Korean designers community in the Bay Area and they wanted to hear my story of how I got the internship and why I decided to work in the cannabis industry. Since Korea still strictly regulates the use of marijuana they wanted to know about the company and my experience with a product that is taboo by nature. I explained to them that Eaze and my job is not about selling marijuana, instead about connecting certified dispensaries and the customers who had medical approval. Even though it was a product that came with many stipulations, I enjoyed the chance to exercise my ability to be flexible and conform to the design needs of my company. It was a tumbling and exciting experience at the same time.  


Thank you for watching

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